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As a starting point in my work, I employ a basic, undulating, organic form. This tube (snake, worm, noodle, branch, vein, vine) twists and entwines itself throughout the space of the canvas. These forms are not meant to be anything in particular, but refer to a universal form found throughout nature and in the manmade world.


I learned to build stretcher frames and have built my own canvases since the mid-70s. I like the idea of starting a painting "from the ground up", using tools and working the wood, pounding nails, and applying the gesso. The creative process begins way before I even pick up a brush.


For my digital prints, I am using Photoshop on a Mac computer. I have created several elements which I am using to create singular, unique compositions, while still retaining a sense of unity throughout the series. I intend for all of these images to be printed in limited editions. While working I am thinking about the rounded forms and how they move through space. Pictorially, I am trying to think beyond the rectangular shape, playing with the border and negative space.