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Every morning I wake up and see this print, matted and framed, propped up against my dresser. I really like it. I see all kinds of new things each time, and I'm amazed at how nice the color printed. 


I have a whole series of similar ones. I created them at a large size, 30"x40". I guess, in part, because a company that I've used to make prints has that as a standard paper size. 


It takes a certain amount of imagination to create things that large, and even larger, especially when I'm working on a much smaller computer screen. In my head, though, they are big works of art from the very beginning. It's wonderful to actually have one printed and see that it actually "is real", not just a collection of 0s and 1s stored on my hard drive. The edges aren't fuzzy. The colors are true. "Good job!" I tell myself. If only...


I can also imagine a whole gallery filled with them, all nicely matted and framed behind plexiglass, one after another, all around a big, well-lit, white room. It's not that I want them for myself. I don't want to keep them. I don't want to store them here in my house. I just want to see them all assembled together, and then have them collected by people who truly love art, people who will cherish them and hang them in their great rooms - or museums that want to add them to their permanent collections. That would also be good.