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I'm seeing stories about MFA shows happening around the country at various schools, and they seem to be group shows. Is this a new trend?


My MFA show was a one person show. It was hung in a very small gallery in our art department, but I had 9 paintings and 4 works on paper.


Others had 2 person shows in the larger gallery, but not a larger group type of show.


It's not something I'm incensed about. Just wondering. Maybe there are just more MFAs graduating now.


I'm seeing similar stories about yearly critiques. Yearly critiques? We had different critiques happening every week, depending on the class and who was teaching it.


Of course things have changed, as they do, and what do I know? After all, after graduating in 1979, I am still waiting for my show at the Whitney. Still waiting for a real gallery to show my work, and truth be known, I confess that I never even thought about having a studio in Brooklyn.


And yet, I persist.