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Of course, you know Myrt goes out to the mall, and she sells her paintings in those art shows they have out there. She goes great guns! One weekend she sold 4 or 5 paintings and made over $100. She goes great guns!


But you know me... I can't even draw a stick figure!


Well, she took a class out to the Junior College. Yeah, she thinks she's all hoyty toyty now. Taking classes at the Junior College! The very idea!


Marty said, "Why don't you go out there? You could take the bus from the Senior Center..."


I said "What the hell would I take out there? I can't even draw a stick figure!"


He said, "Well you know they got basketball games out there..."


"Oh sure, for you! I don't watch basketball! What the hell would I want with that damn Junior College?! No way!"


Course, Myrt goes out there. She likes it. She goes great guns with that sorta thing!