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One of the things you hear people say is "you gotta get your work out there!" Sounds easy enough - you just gather up a bunch of stuff under your arms and walk right into your favorite gallery, and they take it and hang it right up there on their walls. Yeah! but no.


It seems, more and more, galleries, museums, and people have ways of guarding themselves from hoards of unsolicited artists trying to get their "foot in the door".


Used to be, what we all had to do, was to have slides taken. Then we'd send them out, along with our neatly typed resumes and artist's statements, along with a return envelope (appropriate return postage affixed). Maybe you'd hear something back, maybe not. Maybe you'd at least get your slides back, but sometimes, many times, not.


Then came CDs, but still, the same package, same routine.


Now it's all done by email. Much easier to send out - but also so much easier to just trash. Maybe even more difficult to get someone, anyone, to have a look at your work. Many galleries just say on their websites that they are not accepting new artists. I can imagine that they probably get hundreds of emails from people every week. I can also imagine how annoying it could become.


Then, there is "Social Media"! and of course, every artist needs to have a personal website. Still waiting for the magic to happen.


Still, I persist.