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Today I began work on three new canvases - well, I began on the first one... I bought the canvases from Dick Blick. I had been thinking about starting a new painting based on some of the prints I had done. I had thought about actually printing them at this size (2x3 ft) but the cost is just too overwhelming, so I was considering taking an older painting off the stretcher and restretching it... then I decided to just look and get an idea what it might cost to buy a ready-made canvas. When I saw the price for a package of three, I was absolutely amazed - less than $60 and shipping was free.


They came yesterday via FedEx and when I unpacked the box, I was surprised at how nice they looked, very sturdy, very clean corners, beveled edges. I honestly don't think I could build them for this price, and I have built many, many stretchers over the years.


Things didn't come together quite as easily today as I had imagined, but then I'm not quite sure what I imagined - some sort of magic? Anyway, I got a good start, and I can go from there, or here. It's all about the work, after all, and not about magic, or fancy words, or anything else. I am truly psyched to have new things to be working on.