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I am a painter. My background is in painting and drawing, and I continue to paint, and drawing is an integral part of my work. I love the time I spend in my studio, working on several canvases at a time, and I like to work relatively large. I enjoy the experience of painting itself, and I don’t like to be in a hurry to finish something - it takes
as long as it takes.


As a part of my skillset, early on, I worked as a graphic artist. In fact, I was a paste-up artist. It wasn’t until maybe the mid-90s that I realized that I was actually a graphic designer... but as a result of all of those jobs along the way, I learned more commercially oriented processes for image-making. Going back to the 70s, I used an airbrush, and experimented with color xerography and even ditto copies. Pattern and repetition became a more important element in my work by the end of that decade, but organic form has long been at the very heart of my work.


My latest digital series consists of works created on a Mac platform with Photoshop. I start with a single shape which I create from raw pixels (no photography involved), then I repeat that shape to create different elements. I am able to shift color hues and intensities. I use many, many layers which I move backward and forward. My intent is to create work that is bold and dynamic with a strong sense of movement.